CASE STUDY: Propel GPS Solves A Trailer Tracking Need

Our customer had a concern:

1. Management of over 100+ trailers over their US operations. The trailers are not married to a specific truck, so managing the individual trailers was difficult as they could be left onsite for several days without knowing where they were and how long they had been sitting idle.

2. Needed insight and improvements for quickly identifying where and when products had been delivered so the US supply chain would not be disrupted.

“We were looking for a management tool that would improve our efficiency, give us better insight into where our trailers were, and how we could better manage our US operations more efficiently. Propel’s application gave all this to us and more. From their user friendly application, to the ease of use of installing the units, everything was a no-brainer for us. Propel gave us multiple training sessions, but the layout of the application is so easy to understand, you could figure it out without the training – although we did appreciate it. We’re very happy with our decision to partner with Propel, and the benefits have already been realized.”
Joe Sabo, Director of Fleet Operations – KAO Logistics (a division of Keystone Automotive Operations, Inc.)

Keystone Automotive Operations, Inc., based in Exeter, Pennsylvania is the leading distributor and marketer of aftermarket automotive equipment and accessories in North America. During their 40+ year history, they have grown from a single auto parts store to the largest warehouse distributor in their industry. The company operates 7 warehouses and 47 non-inventory stocking cross-docks in the United States and Canada. The logistics distribution network utilizes over 350 trucks to provide next-day delivery for customers in all 48 continental U.S. States and 9 of the Canadian Provinces, and they ship globally, to customers in over 40 countries.

Propel GPS met KAO Logistics at the NTEA (the association for the Work Truck Industry) show in Indianapolis, IN in March 2017. Joe Sabo and his team met several telematics providers at the show, including a Verizon company. After discussions with multiple vendors, Joe asked Propel for a demonstration. Joe and his team decided that Propel GPS best fit their needs on all levels. They have since moved forward with installation on ninety of their trailers throughout their US operations.

“We’re very excited to have KAO Logistics as a partner. We have founded our company based on using latest technology, making our application simple to use and reliable, and at the same time offer great customer service plus a very attractive price. Some of our most popular solutions include real-time tracking of vehicles, equipment and assets, HOS electronic logs, refrigeration-temperature monitoring, and trailer tracking. We’re very pleased that KAO is so satisfied with our solution, and acknowledges the work that our Propel team has done to bring one of the best tracking and asset management applications available to the US market.”
Rick Burtner, President & CEO – Propel GPS, LLC

Utilizing different types of devices (5 year battery life and 10 year solar options are available), installation is very simple and takes only a few minutes. Once installed, the system provides updates with a series of pings sent from the device to locate, track, optimize, and streamline any organizations complex network of trailers throughout the US. The easy to use interface makes it extremely simple to make sound business decisions based on where assets are, where they should be, and where they should be dispatched to next. Through our unlimited training program, an organization’s management team and dispatchers will be fully versed on all features and functionality, and can provide the business efficiencies they did not previously have.

Benefits of the Propel GPS Trailer Tracking solution include: Asset security and utilization, theft deterrence, location status, historical data, and street view/satellite imagery to determine exactly where trailers are, and where they have been.