CASE STUDY: Propel GPS Solves an Asset Tracking Need


Our customer had a concern:

1. Locating their vehicles in real time for dispatching, and being able to relay the arrival times to their customers

2. Needed a system that would accurately calculate their vehicles’ mileage, fuel usage, and the service cycles for maintenance

3. Wanted a reliable system with no down time to improve their day to day operations

“We love the Propel system. We run a very time oriented business, and Propel enables us to schedule, deliver, and manage our trucks in a very efficient manner. We think it’s a great tool not only for us, but our customers as well because we can relay to them where our trucks are, in terms of the delivery times we promised. We can see where they are and what direction they’re heading. We also love the Toggle Status feature which shows which vehicles are stopped, idling or moving for better management of our fleet. We also appreciate the fact that Propel is a local company. We’re very pleased with our decision to switch to Propel GPS.”
Chris Abbott – Lead Dispatcher for Greystone Concrete Products

Greystone Concrete Products Inc. is a privately owned and operated corporation providing ready mix concrete, concrete/lightweight masonry units, pre-cast concrete products and building supply materials. They’ve been servicing Vance, Granville, Warren, Franklin, and Northern Wake County with quality concrete products since 1945. They also service many areas of Southern VA and Eastern NC with their masonry products. Their customers and services include all different types of contractors ranging from the general building contractor, to NCDOT bridge and road work, to large scale multi-million dollar projects.

Their top priority is to give our customers the highest level of service possible during every aspect of their project. When choosing Greystone Concrete, you’re assured of receiving the best possible product available combined with superior service. Greystone Concrete is a long time member of the “Carolinas Ready Mix Concrete Association” and the “Carolinas Concrete Masonry Association”. Greystone Concrete Products is owned and operated by the Cannady family.

Greystone Concrete Products, Inc. is based in Henderson, NC. One of our offices is also located in Henderson so we met Greystone as we were doing a local push in the community. When we met them, they were using a Verizon company for their tracking needs. After several meetings with Dale Chapman – Superintendent, and his team, they made the decision to move forward with Propel GPS.

“We are so pleased to have Greystone as one of our customers and their affirmation of our easy to use, agile and comprehensive platform that perfectly fit their needs. We allow customers to choose the features and aspects of our solution that they need rather than force them to pay for features they do not require as part of a one standard platform like many of our competitors do. Having a NC customer is also especially important to us given our investment in people and our office presence in the state!”
Rick Burtner, President & CEO, Propel GPS

Our Propel GPS® PRO Asset Management Platform brings location intelligence and actionable information of your assets to customers in a simple and intuitive user interface. We offer a cloud based, state of the art technology product that includes, but not limited to: flexible, intuitive user dashboards, real-time map displays with street view options, automated reporting engine, custom polygon & along-route geo-fencing, and real-time alerts with custom threshold parameters. Through our unlimited training program and responsive customer service emphasis, an organization’s team of users, dispatchers and management will be fully versed on all features and functionality, and realize the business efficiency they did not previously have so as to garner the expected return on their investment very quickly.