Propel GPS Featured in CIO Review’s 20 Most Promising IoT Solution Providers in 2018


In 2012, while starting Propel GPS from the confines of his newly rented office in Reston, Virginia, Rick Burtner had a vision to lead an exciting fast growth Internet of Things (IoT) company, at the vanguard of transforming the transportation industry by making IoT solutions affordable to small and medium-sized trucking firms within five years. Propel GPS is a nimble and agile IoT asset management and sensor monitoring company for mobile fleets and critical equipment assets in the trucking and transportation markets. Propel GPS solutions protect refrigerated foods from going out of temperature range while in the supply chain; monitor driver behavior such as speed; help trucking firms comply with new federal mandated laws like electronic driver logs (e-logs) and promote efficiency and cost savings through improved route planning and reduced idle time-saving fuel consumption as several of its solutions’ benefits driving an attractive return on investment (ROI) for its customers.

Burtner’s illustrious journey is truly one of a simple and meager start at Propel GPS
to being on the threshold of becoming one of the fastest growing and one of the most innovative IoT companies in the United States. “Our mission is to SAVE Transportation companies MONEY, provide ASSET SECURITY and promote EFFICIENCY and DRIVER SAFETY. We set out to be a positive disruptor of the status quo of the transportation market IoT providers much like Southwest Airlines did in the airline industry 41 years ago.” Burtner compares his company’s mission and strategy to that of Southwest Airlines, a U.S.-based carrier that defied all norms. Analogous to their business we offer reliable service, on time delivery of information, treat customers as important individuals/business partners and don’t require customers to pay for services that they do not want or need—a winning formula! Southwest Airlines charted a new course in aviation history with low cost yet reliable flights. Today, most of Southwest’s competitors who belittled the company’s bold moves are out of business, while Southwest thrives. “Our aim is to break legacy models with a strong focus on creating a superior user experience for small to medium transportation firms. We are positively disrupting the status quo in transportation and logistics by reinventing asset security, vehicle monitoring and driver productivity by delivering nimble, agile, and affordable IoT solutions to the entire market, not just the larger firms,” remarks Rick Burtner, President and CEO, Propel GPS.

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