Propel GPS Partners with CST Fleet Services to Expand / Complement its IoT Solutions

Propel GPS, LLC today announced the expansion of its Internet of Things (IoT) portfolio through a strategic partnership with CST Fleet Services. Propel GPS, a Virginia-based solution provider, also with an office in North Carolina, offers an IoT/Cloud-based platform for assets of all types, with vertical market applications in commercial vehicle fleet, transportation, utilities and construction equipment management.

The Propel GPS solution delivers asset and temperature monitoring, along-route virtual geographic boundaries and fleet tracking. The software supports full reporting capabilities by vehicle, fleet, driver or team, allowing for a reduction in cost and an increase in productivity. From the truck to the back office, Propel GPS can be used to monitor all metrics pertaining to truck maintenance, driver performance and the protection of the contents of the trailer—including the key element of driver hours through e-Log reporting to meet legal requirements.

“The partnership between Propel GPS and CST Fleet Services creates a compelling IoT solution and relationship with a transportation sector consulting services partner,” said Rick Burtner, CEO, Propel GPS.

Since 2001, CST Fleet Services has focused on cost savings initiatives for the Transportation industry and fleets of North America, with emphasis on asset life cycle and operational costs and the technologies used to achieve these efficiencies.  By utilizing best industry practices, data analysis and proven strategies for implementing technology, CST has partnered with major municipalities, states and private fleets to save money and gain efficiency in all aspects of fleet operations.

“We founded Propel GPS as a cloud-based IoT business five years ago as a platform to positively disrupt the status quo while providing our customers / their business partners with an extremely attractive ROI” said Rick Burtner, CEO, Propel GPS. “With our cloud platform, customers have real-time access to their data and don’t have to worry about their legacy infrastructure in the transportation and telematics markets. However, customers often tend to utilize only five features of our IoT solution; now with our CST Fleet Services partnership, we can help our Enterprise customers and the resellers of Tech Data (recently announced partnership with Propel) have an added resource for their customers to maximize efficiency and realize an even better ROI through our IoT solutions!”

“As President of CST Fleet Services, I am excited about our partnership with Propel GPS. These products, when correctly implemented, can improve driver safety, regulatory compliance savings, operational efficiencies and the fleet bottom line. CST has a long history in implementing both Telematics and Electronic Driver Logs. While with Eaton Corporation and then Qualcomm’s Omnitracs, our owners helped define, develop and implement FleetAdvisor which had a full ELD (e-Log) beginning in 1997. More recently we have helped define and implement fleet efficiency initiatives in the cities of Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, New York and San Diego among our many fleet customers.  With this new partnership, we will be able to provide fleets with solutions that both meet their current needs and provide a foundation for future operational gains, said Hayes Smith, President, CST Fleet Services.”

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