Your Drivers Are Your Most Important Asset

Stay aware of truck driver safety in South Boston, VA & Raleigh, NC - serving the continental US, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean

Everyone remembers the days of "how's my driving?" bumper stickers. Fortunately, you no longer have to rely on public reporting for information on the safety of your drivers. Propel GPS technology allows you to monitor truck driver safety in South Boston, VA & Raleigh, NC. You can choose what you monitor and receive alerts for. You'll get necessary updates via text or email, across multiple devices.

The safety of your drivers is under your control when you have effective fleet driver monitoring in place. Set up your Propel GPS product in South Boston, VA & Raleigh, NC today. We proudly serve those in Canada, US & Mexico.

Stay a step ahead of issues

There are a lot of factors at play when it comes to truck driver safety. Our product can monitor speed, quick starts and hard braking, vehicle idling and routes taken. This information can allow you to confront drivers on their unsafe habits, making your fleet safer. You can also find out about unauthorized vehicle use, stolen assets and emergency situations. You can send help to your drivers as soon as they need it when you use fleet driver monitoring.

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