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The Propel GPS Product

Propel GPS® is an IoT Cloud-Based Technology Company delivering a proven ROI specializing in wireless asset management and sensor monitoring with state of the art information technology. Our user-friendly solution allows real-time tracking of high dollar and/or critical assets directly from your desktop, tablet or mobile device.

We provide a full featured business solution with many advanced features, and a consumer version with the essential features needed for most home and small business.

For more info on our consumer version check out our Propel Starter Edition!

Wireless asset management | Business technology solutions | Asset security | Fleet management | Fleet driver monitoring | Truck driver safety | Business efficiency and productivity | Fleet efficiency

Business Solution Demo

Product Features

Propel GPS® offers a variety of features to benefit many different business types. See how we can help you!

  •  Dashboards
  •  Automated Reporting
  •  Polygon & Along-Route GeoFencing
  •  Temperature Monitoring
  •  Tracking
  •  Real Time Alerts
  •  Tank Level Monitoring
  •  Electronic Logs

Who We Are

"We founded Propel GPS to meet the unmet needs of the market, provide better value and responsive results all with an experienced team"

Rick Burtner, Founder/President/CEO

Customer Benefits

    Key Deliverables


    Increase Time Efficiency


    Increase Fuel Savings


    Increase Compliance


    Decrease Payroll Costs

    Team expertise & accomplishments
    worthy of customer trust:

    • Propel GPS offers a proven business model and product solution to an industry problem of

      1. poor customer service after the sale
      2. providers masking outdated technology with less than a “pure cloud-based solution”

    • Greater than 100 years of team experience in wireless asset tracking & telematics including the building of an INC 500 Company from start-up– Deloitte Technology Fast 50 #1 and 500 #2 Company for Virginia and North America, respectively
    • Technology Guarantee
    • Specialties: Cloud-based platforms, Streaming APIs, Driver Safety, Federal Compliance, Fuel Efficiency
    • Multiple cost saving plans & options tailored to each customer as well as financing options including leases