Propel GPS
One Platform - All Assets
Asset Security, Driver Safety, Efficiency & Productivity,
Commercial Fleet, Trucking, Oil & Gas, Construction Equipment.
Starter Edition Now Available!

New starter edition available for best cost of our easy to use version for DYI individuals or businesses with less than 25 vehicles. Track location, trips, posted speed by streets, geo-fence areas and receive exception alerts.

Get Ready for HOS e-Log

Our e-Log HOS (Hours of Service) solution that is certified and mandated by the Federal Motor Carriers Association is now available through a special program we offer for owner / operators of trucking firms with as few as 1-10 trucks.

Temperature Sensor Monitoring

Track temperature of your truck loads in real-time with our affordable after market solution that ensures food is not temperature “contaminated” while in the supply chain!

The Propel Difference
  • IoT/ Cloud Based Solution
  • Technology Guarantee
  • Customer Centered Service
  • Excellent Customer Training
  • No Hidden Costs for Features
  • Market Segment Experience
  • Team/Partners with Successful
    Industry Track Record
The Propel GPS Product

Propel GPS® is an IoT Cloud-Based Technology Company delivering a proven ROI specializing in wireless asset management and sensor monitoring with state of the art information technology. Our user-friendly solution allows real-time tracking of high dollar and/or critical assets directly from your desktop, tablet or mobile device.

We provide a full featured business solution with many advanced features, and a consumer version with the essential features needed for most home and small business.

Business Solution Demo


For more info on our consumer version check out our Propel Starter Edition

Customer Benefits
Asset Security

Our solution provides accurate critical information such as temperature, fleet performance data, asset utilization, status updates, trip detail, and more to allow you to manage your fleet efficiently and effectively.  We take the safety and security of your assets seriously.

Driver Safety

One of your greatest assets is your people and they represent your company brand and reputation… 2 of your additional greatest assets.  Our solution can monitor driver speed by thresholds you set or by posted speed, quick starts and stops, vehicle idle, and route taken. Receive speed alerts by email or text across multiple devices. Driver and vehicle monitoring can curb unsafe driving habits, allow recovery of stolen assets, reduce unauthorized vehicle use and allow rapid emergency response with real time location tracking.

Efficiency and Productivity

Propel GPS can help you meet and maintain new compliance requirements, significantly reduce labor and fuel costs by minimizing idle time and unnecessary mileage, and increase driver productivity with new levels of exemplary customer service. Our dashboard allows you to see exact cost exceptions, compare & contrast productivity by divisions, regions, or units and make impactful business decisions based on our verified reporting metrics.

Product Features

Propel GPS® offers a variety of features to benefit many different business types.  See how we can help you!

Key Deliverables


Increase Time Efficiency


Increase Fuel Savings


Increase Compliance


Decrease Payroll Costs
Who We Are

“We founded Propel GPS to meet the unmet needs of the market, provide better value and responsive results all with an experienced team”,
Rick Burtner, Founder/President/CEO

Team expertise & accomplishments worthy of customer trust:
  • Propel GPS offers a proven business model and product solution to an industry problem of
    • 1)poor customer service after the sale
    • 2)providers masking outdated technology with less than a “pure cloud-based solution”
  • Greater than 100 years of team experience in wireless asset tracking & telematics including the building of an INC 500 Company from start-up– Deloitte Technology Fast 50 #1 and 500 #2 Company for Virginia and North America, respectively
  •  Technology Guarantee
  • Specialties: Cloud-based platforms, Streaming APIs, Driver Safety, Federal Compliance, Fuel Efficiency
  • Multiple cost saving plans & options tailored to each customer as well as financing options including leases