Efficiency and Productivity:

  • Help you meet and maintain new compliance requirements
  • Significantly Reduce Labor and Fuel Costs by Minimizing Idle Time and Unnecessary Mileage
  • Improve Driver Monitoring Through Customizable Dashboard with:
  • Productivity Indicators
  • Exact Areas of Exceptions with Business Rule Established by Management users
  • Compare and contrast productivity by hierarchy of divisions, regions or single units.

Driver Safety:

  • Driver Speed by Thresholds You Set or According to Posted Speed Limits
  • Quick Starts and Stops
  • Vehicle Idle Time
  • Routes Taken
  • Driver Identification via Key Fob

Asset Security and Tracking of Critical Information Such as:

  • Temperature
  • Fleet Performance
  • Asset Utilization
  • Trip Detail
  • Status & Exception Alert Updates Based on Business Rules Set by Our Customers