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Starter Edition Now Available!

New starter edition available for best cost of our easy to use version for DYI individuals or businesses with less than 25 vehicles. Track location, trips, posted speed by streets, geo-fence areas and receive exception alerts.

Get Ready for HOS e-Log
Get Ready for HOS e-Log

Our e-Log HOS (Hours of Service) solution that is certified and mandated by the Federal Motor Carriers Association is now available through a special program we offer for owner / operators of trucking firms with as few as 1-10 trucks.

Temperature Sensor Monitoring
Temperature Sensor Monitoring

Track temperature of your truck loads in real-time with our affordable after market solution that ensures food is not temperature “contaminated” while in the supply chain!

School Transportation Security and Monitoring

School Bus Monitoring- The company’s customizable school bus tracking solution captures the activity of every bus stop. The integrated sensors monitor amber light use and stop duration allowing for detailed reports to ensure driver meet school expectations.

  • Driver ID Technology: The platform allows for the separation of vehicle and driver data to better the reporting on vehicle driving hours and operator driving hours, to make sure no drivers exceed their limits.
  • Vehicles in Use: Through simple reporting modules displayed on the Dashboard, users know when buses arrive and depart the depot by creating exception rules by geographic zones, so they know which buses are in use at any given time.
  • Driver Behavior: Monitor every aspect of driver behavior. From exceeding posted speed limits to unnecessary idling, Propel GPS® enables managers to supervise their school bus fleet effectively.
  • Through real-time reporting, users can chart efficiency increases and eliminate expense waste