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Starter Edition Now Available!

New starter edition available for best cost of our easy to use version for DYI individuals or businesses with less than 25 vehicles. Track location, trips, posted speed by streets, geo-fence areas and receive exception alerts.

Get Ready for HOS e-Log
Get Ready for HOS e-Log

Our e-Log HOS (Hours of Service) solution that is certified and mandated by the Federal Motor Carriers Association is now available through a special program we offer for owner / operators of trucking firms with as few as 1-10 trucks.

Temperature Sensor Monitoring
Temperature Sensor Monitoring

Track temperature of your truck loads in real-time with our affordable after market solution that ensures food is not temperature “contaminated” while in the supply chain!

Product Features

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Our intuitive dashboards bring location intelligence and actionable information to users in real time. The dashboard is configurable by activity and will monitor fleet and operational performance, such as Arrival and Late Start times, Idling Time, Stops, Trips, Driver Safety, and much more.

  • See exact cost exceptions
  • Compare & Contrast productivity by divisions, regions, or units
  • Make impactful business decisions based on our verified reporting metrics
Automated Reporting

Our powerful reporting engine offers a full suite of flexible reports, ranging from very detailed to high level. Run reports by vehicle, fleet, driver or team. All are generated in an easy-to-read format that can be printed, saved or set to send automatically to one or more recipients.

Polygon & Along-Route GeoFencing

Using our robust software solution, you can define specific areas along your route and around your customer’s location for entry/exit geofence notifications.  We can alert you when your cargo arrives or departs, and capture detention time.  Your data is easy to read and manage with our attractive dashboard for exception management.


Our solution locates your asset with daily “heartbeats” and sensitive cargo every 5-minutes (more/less as desired).  We provide accurate critical information such as  temperature, fleet performance data, asset utilization, status updates, trip detail, and more to allow you to manage your fleet efficiently and effectively.  We take the safety and security of your assets seriously.

Real Time Alerts

Our solution sends mission critical alerts notifying you when anything happens outside of threshold parameters that you set. Alerts can be delivered via SMS text or email and provide you real time informaiton about what’s happening with your shipment, as its happening.  If your shipment deviates from the determined route, posted speed is exceeded, or a door becomes ajar, receive immediate notification so that you can communicate with your driver.

Tank Level Monitoring

Our tank monitoring solution notifies you of changes in tank levels, as its happening.  If levels deviate from the determined parameters (whether high or low),  receive immediate notification so that you can communicate with your field operators or send a truck.


Electronic Logs

Our electronic logging solution (E-Logs) is fully compliant with the FMCSA ELD rule and will help improve operational efficiency across your entire fleet.  Track and monitor driver Hours of Service (HOS), and know when your driver is on or off duty, driving or in the sleeper.  Receive alerts when a driver is in danger of violation.  View HOS recap summaries and keep track of vehicle inspection and maintenance schedules.  Dispatchers will have the information they need to assess the assignment of jobs

Temperature Monitoring

Our Solution can easily provide proof of temperature for your valuable temperature sensitive cargo. Protect your reefer trailers with temperature monitoring, temperature change time stamps and access to cloud-based data giving you the ability to prevent issues or to address them the moment they arise.

School Bus Monitoring

Our school bus solution locates your bus and student passengers with daily “heartbeats” as often as desired.  It provides accurate critical information such as bus number, stop address, safety equipment usage (amber light/stop sign), door open notification, time stamp and more to allow you to manage your bus fleet efficiently and effectively.  We take the safety and security of your students and assets seriously.