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Starter Edition Now Available!

New starter edition available for best cost of our easy to use version for DYI individuals or businesses with less than 25 vehicles. Track location, trips, posted speed by streets, geo-fence areas and receive exception alerts.

Get Ready for HOS e-Log
Get Ready for HOS e-Log

Our e-Log HOS (Hours of Service) solution that is certified and mandated by the Federal Motor Carriers Association is now available through a special program we offer for owner / operators of trucking firms with as few as 1-10 trucks.

Temperature Sensor Monitoring
Temperature Sensor Monitoring

Track temperature of your truck loads in real-time with our affordable after market solution that ensures food is not temperature “contaminated” while in the supply chain!

Efficiency and Productivity

Improve Business Efficiency
& Productivity in South Boston, VA & Raleigh, NC – serving the continental US, Canada, Mexico & the Caribbean

Propel GPS can help you through fleet monitoring

Running a business is all about staying ahead of the curve. If you fall too far behind in productivity, your competitors will get the upper hand. Propel GPS helps many fleet owners improve business efficiency and productivity in South Boston, VA & Raleigh, NC and throughout the continental US, Canada, Mexico & the Caribbean. Our product allows you to monitor idle time and unnecessary mileage. Once you cut down on these elements, you can save money and improve your customer service.

Not sure if our product is right for your fleet? Ask us about our product’s fleet efficiency features now by calling (844) 776-7354.

There’s always room for improvement

Increasing business efficiency and productivity is simple when you have the right information. With our product, you can:

  • See exact cost exceptions
  • Compare and contrast productivity by divisions, regions, or units
  • Make impactful business decisions
  • Meet and maintain compliance requirements
  • Reduce wasted time and resources
  • Accurately plan routes (actual routes traveled versus those assigned by dispatch)
  • Geo fence by route, as well as location, to monitor whether off route unauthorized trips are taken

You’ll experience exceptional fleet efficiency once you’re monitoring your drivers and assets. Meet with a pro from Propel GPS in South Boston, VA & Raleigh, NC to learn more about our innovative product offered through the US, Canada & Mexico.