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Online Purchase Now Available
Starter Edition Now Available!

New starter edition available for best cost of our easy to use version for DYI individuals or businesses with less than 25 vehicles. Track location, trips, posted speed by streets, geo-fence areas and receive exception alerts.

Get Ready for HOS e-Log
Get Ready for HOS e-Log

Our e-Log HOS (Hours of Service) solution that is certified and mandated by the Federal Motor Carriers Association is now available through a special program we offer for owner / operators of trucking firms with as few as 1-10 trucks.

Temperature Sensor Monitoring
Temperature Sensor Monitoring

Track temperature of your truck loads in real-time with our affordable after market solution that ensures food is not temperature “contaminated” while in the supply chain!

Propel Starter Edition

Service Options:

1 Year Service Plan
$21.95 Per Month (per device) *
2 Year Service Plan
$20.95 Per Month (per device) *
3 Year Service Plan
$19.95 Per Month (per device) *

Our Plug-And-Play Tracking Device solution is as easy as 1-2-3!

1 – Affordable:  Simply order the number of desired devices (maximum of 25) with a 1, 2 or 3 year service term. If more than 25 units are needed, contact us at 1-844-PROPELGPS (1-844-776-7354) for personalized sales assistance.

2 – Easy to Install:  Plug the device into the OBD Port under the driver’s side dash of your vehicle.

3 – Easy to Use:  Once installed, simply login to our secure web portal using your assigned user name and password and set up your desired configurations.


Features Available With Starter Edition

Location – See where your vehicle is at any given time with a directional trail showing where the vehicle has been, time stamps for selected location and current location.
Speed – Speed monitoring lets you know when your vehicle exceeds the posted speed limit on any area of highway. You can also set a maximum speed that you want to be notified whenever your vehicle exceeds.  This is an excellent way to monitor driving speed and ensure safety.
Geofence – Get alerts when your vehicle exits or enters a geographical area specified by you.
Alerts – Receive alerts via email and/or SMS text in real time when your vehicle goes over posted speed, exceeds threshold speeds that you’ve set and enters or exits your set geofences.

Once your order is received, we will ship your device(s) via Fedex or USPS and it (they) should arrive within 3-5 business days.  The next step is to install your device(s) as pictured above and then go to our website at to complete the activation process by entering the provided user name and password and  following the instructions on the sheet enclosed in the box containing your device(s).  We assure you, the setup process is both intuitive and easy!

* Each device incurs a $27.90 one time activation, noted on your check out page.