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School Bus Solution

Propel GPS® School Bus Tracking Solution

Safe student transportation and operator time management are the most important responsibilities of any school district fleet manager. The Propel GPS® School Bus Tracking Solution addresses these critical tasks with advanced technology leveraging intuitive software designed with student safety and efficient fleet management in mind.

Did the driver follow proper procedures at each bus stop?

With Propel GPS®, you’ll know!
We capture the activity of every bus stop. Know if the driver used the amber lights, or stopped for the appropriate amount of time. Through the use of integrated sensors and detailed reporting, managers can view the time stamps and actions of each stop, ensuring drivers are meeting the school district’s expectations.

Driver ID Technology

Is a driver close to exceeding driving hours? With an integrated driver identification system, you can separate vehicle data from driver data to better report on driving hours, while verifying operator timesheet reports. Our driver time tracking solution reduces work hours while preventing unauthorized vehicle use.

Vehicles In Use

Should all buses be back by now? Through simple reporting modules displayed on the Dashboard, know when buses arrive and depart the depot by creating exception rules by geographic zones, so you know which buses are in use at any given time.

Driver Behavior

Monitor every aspect of driver behavior. From exceeding posted speed limits to unnecessary idling, Propel GPS® enables managers to supervise their school bus fleet effectively.
Through real-time reporting, chart expense improvements while demonstrating increased efficiency and reduced costs to eliminate excess expense waste.

Fleet Maintenance

With accurate mileage and engine hours reporting, improve the regularity and timeliness of preventative maintenance by knowing in advance when bus servicing is due, minimizing unwanted breakdowns and downtime, while decreasing the rate of violations during routine safety inspections.